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How skin microbiome enhancing products helped me address the cause of my acne problems and not just 'manage symptoms'

Acne struggles and worsening skin: How antibiotics just made it worse long term

I developed acne in my teenage years, from around the age of 12, as is common when the body is in turmoil in puberty. In my life I have gone through many rounds of antibiotic creams given to me by the Doctors. The problem was they seemed to only manage symptoms and when I stopped using them I felt like my skin was dependent on them. I noticed my skin did not respond to them the more I used them as if I had built up resistance.  

"...they (antibiotic creams) seemed to only manage symptoms and... my skin was dependent on them."

Realising my skin microbiome was just getting more damaged with antibiotics

"...using it (antibiotics) multiple times would make the underlying problem on my skin worse."

Sometimes the antibiotics would have a very instant and strong effect on my acne. It would reduce quite quickly and I would feel happier. But when I stopped using it, the acne came back. So I had to apply more and more to keep the skin problems at bay and it started becoming a smaller time from when I stopped using them for the acne to re-appear. 

I tried changing many things in my diet, including dairy, and some of them had a noticeable effect. But I noticed it seemed not to solve the problem and my skin would still be be very sensitive to changes in the environment or my body. 

As I would find out later in my story, the use of antibiotics should only be for accute or serious problems and using it multiple times would make the underlying problem on my skin worse. This would only make it more likely that my acne would come back in the future. 

Enhancing my microbiome to fend off acne

As I got more and more frustrated about the temporary fix of antibiotics which left my skin feeling far worse in the long term, I started to research what the problem was and how to fix it. 

I started reading about the microbiome which is one of the most important parts of the immune system, and its importance in skin problems. It became obvious

I came across a company and family who had suffered for years with their own skin problems, and had also found that nothing, even prescribed creams from the Doctor, didn’t work. They had invented a product which enhanced the skin’s natural immune defences, to fight off skin problems. Interestingly it stated that by strengthening and enhancing the microbiome, the skin could start to fend for itself and fight off allergies and ailments. 

Their products were totally natural and preservative free, which they found was the only way to create microbiome enhancing technology. 

"...They had invented a product which enhanced the skin's natural immune defences, to fight off skin problems."

Within 6 weeks my symptoms had significantly decreased, and my mental health improved greatly

"I noticed I could go for longer periods without this happening and the skin started to feel like it was strong enough itself to defend itself from problems."

At first it stung slightly on my skin but within a few days my skin felt softer and I noticed that it started not being reliant on the treatment for its health. Before when I stopped using antibiotics, my skin quickly felt horrible and started breaking out.

After using JooMo, I noticed I could go for longer periods without this happening and the skin started to feel like it was strong enough itself to defend itself from problems. 

I stopped using the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner I was using before because they all contained synthetic chemicals which would damage the skin microbiome and undo any restorative work. I realised the exposure of my body to many of these synthetic ingredients was just leaving it open to attack from problems such as acne. 

6 Months in the future

Now 6 months on my skin feels strong. Even with changes in environmental factors like stress and the weather, there aren’t huge breakouts or changes like before. My skin feels much more able to deal with changes and now instead of needing to use more and more products, as I had to with the antibiotics, as my skin microbiome strengthens, I need to use less. 

If anyone else is inspired to try some of JooMo’s products, you can go to their website here!

Enhancing your microbiome addresses the root cause of the problem, it doesn't just 'manage' your symptoms

The more I research, the more I realise how so many treatments for health problems just ‘manage’ the symptoms instead of try and address the underlying cause of the problem. This is definitely true of my skin, where the treatments initially looked like they were helping, but behind the scenes they actually made the underlying cause worse. 

A damaged skin microbiome, low in biodiversity has been linked to the majority of skin problems. It has also been linked to other health problems not on the skin, such as food allergies. We need to totally re-think our approach to chronic health problems and I urge people in my position to look into skin microbiome enhancing techniques such as JooMo which helped me so much. And stop using products with nasty synthetic chemicals which will damage your skin!

Antibiotics are brilliant for serious cases and short term use, but mutliple use for chronic problems such as my acne just damages the microbiome more and more, meaning the underlying cause gets worse and it’s more likely that the skin problems will come back in the future. 

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